Toddler Program


Believe In Yourself!
Taekwondo teaches kids success skills for life!

Looking for a fun new activity for your 4 or 5 year old child?
Consider Moon’s Tae Kwon Do classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Each Toddler class is 40 minutes in length and provides basic social skills along with Taekwondo skills No two classes are alike, and the friendly positive environment make learning fun. Children learn courtesy, respect, to focus on a teacher, to listen, and to follow verbal instruction, Taekwondo teaches children to use their mind and body together to do a skill or technique
Fun drills help children develop coordination, balance, and gross motor skills.

Toddler Class learn to punch, kick, run, jump, practice in a group, and with a partner.
Toddler Class have a great time while improving their confidence, fitness, athleticism, and enjoying being physically active. Our program provides benefits beyond the classroom by preparing children for greater success in school and other team sports.


Classes are safe, high energy, and upbeat!

Our Toddler program uses a small student to teacher ratio in order to ensure that each child gets the individual attention needed to properly learn the fundamentals we teach.

Toddler Program instructors are enthusiastic, patient, friendly, motivating, and encouraging, and have experience working with young children. Instructions are presented in language appropriate for young children. Techniques are demonstrated and taught in a step by step manner that children can easily understand, Our Toddler class program is designed to help students develop self-confidence and healthy self-esteem through encouragement, praise, and to motivate them to attempt new activities in class. We use a variety of different training tools, drills, and teaching methods to keep classes exciting, challenging, and fun.

Our Toddler Program curriculum was designed specifically for these young students, and leads the children through a series of striped belts on a regular schedule as they learn new techniques. Children learn to set and achieve goals, build self- confidence and feel good about themselves.Type your paragraph here.

OCT .2016 Schedule( Tampa palm)                 Oct.2016 Schedule( Spring hill) 

                                  Oct 3rd - 7th Fun Week                            

                                     Oct 10th-14th Sparring Week ( T-shirts)

                               Oct17th- 21st  Weapon Week

                               Oct 24th -28th Breaking Board

16th Promotion Test                              252th Promotion Test

   (Tampa Palm)                                           (Spring hill)      

  Oct.26th Wed at 6:45PM                      Oct.28th Fri at 7:00pm

Halloween  Party (Tampa Palm)          Halloween Party (Spring hill)              

 10.31.2016 Monday at 5:45pm              10.31.2016 Monday at 5:30pm
                 10.31.2016                                                                10.31.2016

​                  No Class                                                                       No Class

            Sparring Training


                   Nov.12th  Saturday  12:pm-2:30pm

                    Grand Master Lee, Grand Master Chug,

                     Grand Master Moon ,Grand Master Chun

                                        Master Chun

       Five Masters  Will Teach your Child Sparring Skills !!!

​          Where: 15355 Amberly Dr. Tampa Fl.33647

2016 4th Moon's Tae Kwon Do Tournament 5/21/16