Thank you LuLu Fox Photography for these amazing photos. We are so grateful to have such a talented photographer who captures all of our precious memories. We will cherish them forever. 

 JUNE 18, 2022



Congratulations to all of our athletes!🏟🏆🏆
We are so proud of all of the hard work you guys have put in for our special day! All of the blood, sweat, and tears have paid off!
We are so blessed to have students with a strong mentality who continue to work hard, push themselves, believe in themselves, and never give up.

However, one of the biggest  reason this is all possible is because of the unconditional love and support our students receive from their family and friends! Thank you so much for all of the time, energy, and money you all have invested into your kids. We are so grateful for all of you guys.

Seeing the parents, athletes, and coaches tearing up today made us so proud to have you all as our family. The hard work you all have put into for today is extraordinary! 

We hope this was a good learning experience for you all, and we will continue to work hard and push ourselves for the next tournaments!! No matter how skilled you are, the one who never gives up is the winner….
We love you all. Thank you so much!🤍🤍

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We are so proud of all of the hard work our athletes put in for their tournament. All of the blood, sweat, and tears greatly paid off. Having the opportunity to watch you guys grow and become strong has been such an honor. 

You guys have grown not only as athletes but also as a person. The growth in your mentality, discipline, persistence is extraordinary. 

One of the many reasons this was possible was due to the strong support and friendship our athletes have. 

"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you." 

- Misty Copeland

Athletes achievements:
1. Vatsala Sastry (2nd dan): 🥈place forms
2. Aditya Rao (2nd dan): 🥇place forms
3. Michael Musto (1st dan): 🥇breaking, 🥈forms
4. Lynnette Reina (1st dan): 🥈 forms
5. Stacey Garcia (1st dan): 🥈forms
6. Ivan Reina (red belt): 🥇forms
7. Alana Reina (green belt): 🥇breaking, 🥈forms
8. Alex Reina (white belt): 🥈breaking, 🥉forms
9. Aubrey Kymer (yellow belt): 🥇forms, 🥇breaking
10. Hannah Han (blue belt): 🥇forms, 🥈breaking 
11. Alfredo Tirado (yellow belt): 🥉forms, 🥉breaking
12. Ty Thomas (yellow belt): 🥈forms, 🥇breaking
13. Georgie Albarella (green belt): 🥉forms 
14. Annelsy (white belt): 🥇forms, 🥇breaking
15. Adalee McKim (yellow belt): 🥇breaking, 🥈forms
16. Addison McKim (purple belt): 🥈forms
17. Jordyn Varney (white belt): 🥇forms, 🥇breaking
18. Zachary Leve (yellow belt): 🥇forms, 🥇breaking
19. Jandalee Marte (green belt): 🥇forms, 🥇breaking
20. Travis Long (green belt): 🥇forms, 🥇breaking

Coaches play a crucial role in an athlete's success. They are there to support and guide their students. However, in this process, there are many things that coaches learn from their athletes as well. 

Thank you to all the coaches who spent their time with all of our talented athletes. 

"A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness." 

- Michael Jordan