Master Moon

7th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt

Korean National Demonstration Team Member (1996-1997). Da Han Kum Do 3rd Dan Black Belt. Florida Tae Kwon Do Association Vice President in 2011-2013. USAT National Demonstration Team Head Coach 2010.

Master Chun

7th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt.

World Tae Kwon Do Hanmadang Individual Demonstration. 3 times Champion Korean National Championship. Sparring (1986-1992)Da Han Kum Do 4th Dan Black Belt.



Moon's Tae Kwon Do

Welcome to Moon's Tae Kwon Do College. Tae Kwon Do is not simply a martial art, it is a way of life. At Moon's Tae Kwon Do College, we focus on not only the sport of Tae Kwon Do, but on the person as a whole. Respect, self-discipline, and self-control are only a few of the values Moon's instills in all students. No matter what age or walk of life you are from, Moon's Tae Kwon Do has something for you. In addition to the many children's and youth classes we offer per week, we also offer family classes and adult only classes. Moon's is happy to work around your schedule to meet your needs. Moon's Tae Kwon Do is dedicated to its students and life values. You will appreciate the practical life-values and valuable self-defense.

    Self Respect



Tae Kwon Do  Callege                                                                               

11069 Spring hill Dr   (Spring hill)  



Tae Kwon Do Academy                                           

15355 Amberly Dr (Tampa Palm)