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Having respect is one of the most important factors in life. From a young age, Moon's Tae Kwon Do makes sure to teach each and every student about the Gold Rule: "treat others how you want to be treated." 

With masters, instructors, and peers in class, our Little Tigers will learn to respect EVERYONE around them no matter what. 



Moon's Tae Kwon Do has made sure to create a positive environment to ensure that our students are becoming the best version of themselves. With this positive environment, it will allow our students to have a sense of belonging where they know that they are loved and have masters, instructors, and friends who are on their side no matter what!

​While creating new healthy friendships, your child's sense of teamwork will improve simultaneously. They will learn the importance of sharing with others and working collaboratively with other Little Tigers. 


The Little Tiger's class is a dynamic class that teaches our little tigers to use their mind and body together in order to do new skills and techniques. While doing this, there will visible improvement in their discipline, confidence, respect, focus skills, listening skills, etc. Little Tigers will learn to punch, kick, run, jump, and work as a team with their peers. Not only will they improve at Moon's Tae Kwon Do but these traits gained from Tae Kwon Do will prepare our students to be successful beyond the do jang!

To ensure that each student is getting the proper individual attention to learn the fundamentals that we teach, each class has 3-4 masters and instructors. The masters & instructors are enthusiastic, patient, friendly, motivating, and encouraging, and have experience working with young children. Instructions are presented in language appropriate for young children. Techniques are demonstrated and taught in a step by step manner that children can easily understand.

We make sure that our program is designed to help students develop self-confidence and healthy self-esteem through encouragement, praise, and to motivate them to attempt new activities in class. We use a variety of different training tools, drills, and teaching methods to keep classes exciting, challenging, and fun.

Our Little Tiger's curriculum was designed specifically for these young students, and leads the children through a series of challenges in a positive, encouraging environment to ensure that our students are becoming the best version of themselves!

Moon's Tae Kwon Do will set your child up for success



Although we do have a lot of fun at Moon's Tae Kwon Do, each lesson consists of factors that will improve your child's discipline. 

You will see improvement in your child's focus, memorization skills, and sense of respect. By slowly learning and attainting these traits, your child will demonstrate these traits in their daily life; for example, home and school. 

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