With the many interactive activities that we have incorporated into our classes, it is an effective way for your child to improve their social skills. On top of that, all of the kind masters, instructors, and other students will be welcoming of your child and always be there to motivate and help them no matter what. 

While their social skills are improving, their senses of teamwork will be increasing simultaneously. For example, when playing games like dodgeball, hockey, tennis, and tag team sparring, your child will learn the importance of working together and communicating with other team members. 


Has your child ever been bullied or witnessed someone getting bullied? What did they do? 

First, to stick up for themselves and others, having CONFIDENCE IS KEY! 
At Moon's Tae Kwon Do, we teach ALL of our students that with confidence, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The self defense skills that are taught in class help to improve their confidence, thus effectively being able to stand up for themselves. On top of that, if they witness someone who is vulnerable and getting bullied, using their self defense skills, they will be able to help those around them. 

However, we emphasize that Tae Kwon Do is a DEFENSIVE SPORT. Therefore, it is crucial that they are not abusing the power and skills that they have learned. 

Like we always say at the end of every class: "Respect each other, help each other, be honest, and always stand by the weak!!"

Is your child shy?

Is your child getting bullied?

Strong Mindset

Similar to our Little Tiger class, our children's class focuses on discipline, respect, and confidence. On top of that, students start to build on their leaderships skills as they get older and have more experience. Higher belt students will slowly start to learn how to teach and help the lower belt students in their class and lead class in stretching. 

Another important factor that is taught in our children class is self discipline.Tae Kwon Do is a defensive sport, not offensive. Therefore, students are learning how to defend not only themselves but others who are in need of help. 

As one gets older, there are many temptations that come along the way. Instead of getting swayed by these obstacles, students are learned to keep a strong goal oriented mindset to never lose sight of their final goal.

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Having a strong goal oriented mindset is important for everyone! At Moon's tae Kwon Do, we teach our students that having a persistent mindset with an end goal will only lead them to success. 

With a focused and positive mindset, your child will be capable of overcoming any of the challenges that they face.

The one who perseveres in what they do is the winner in the end. 

On top of that, as your child gets older, there will be many temptations that will come their way; however, with a strong mindset, they will have the ability to ignore those temptations and stay on the right path. 

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